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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets. While initially it manufactured its own processors, the company later outsourced its manufacturing, a practice known as going fabless, after GlobalFoundries was spun off in 2009. AMD's main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations, personal computers and embedded system applications.

A dissatisfied customer left this review, "Bought a gpu from amd rx5700xt. Keeps crashing multiple times a day. Because of a software issue. The retailer does not have tech support. AMD does not support customers and tells me to contact gigabyte. Gigabyte doesnt answer my request. So 2 weeks old gpu and no warranty. Five hundred euro gone."


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Former Employee - Senior Product Development Engineer says

"I worked at AMD full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Over worked,under staffed. Long days and nights, constant stress. Required to work nights. No work life balance."

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"I worked at AMD full-time for less than a year Cons: AE’s were super rude and hard to work with. Bad culture"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at AMD full-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible benefits (self financed health plan), Zero direction from mgmt, Lots of turf wars"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at AMD full-time for more than a year Cons: Backstabbing culture. Don’t join the server team. It’s the worst culture ever! No work life balance. No respect or inclusiveness. Treat people with no respect. Bad leaders make up the organization that want to show they are doing a lot but they are just there to squeeze work from people under a gun! No process whatsoever ever. Chaotic management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at AMD full-time for more than a year Cons: - Toxic management and horrible managers who are not technical, and would rather micromanage - Condescending and patronizing behaviour in most pre-Silicon teams - Horrible trend of seniors looking down at juniors, and not giving breathing room, or providing proper teachings in early stage of career - No team spirit and sense of community - Sub-par salaries"

Former Employee - Firmware Engineer says

"I worked at AMD full-time for less than a year Cons: underpaid and overworked. managers are not technical. careful when managers ask you to work extra hours during bring up. bonus often falls short of the target. also, the finance people only cares about their bottom line and not you. location in austin is kind fo suburb-ish and you need to drive to get anywhere"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at AMD part-time Cons: bad management from this company compared with others"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at AMD full-time Cons: Zero career growth. Same routine work year after year, especially in India. Even the software services companies provide better work and better career opportunities. No work/life balance. Any other company would provide better compensation and benefits. Horrible work culture. Too much politics, especially by the India senior management. Employees are exploited like anything, and are treated like how Indians treat their maids. One might sacrifice and give everything to the company year after year, but eventually the India management will treat you like dirt."

Former Employee - Member of Technical Staff says

"I worked at AMD full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Management is extremely dishonest and cannot be trusted. Avoid AMD at all costs! I personally know of three good engineers who were let go under very dishonest circumstances - basically, management lied about their performance, and then lied about what they could do to keep their jobs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at AMD full-time for more than a year Cons: My director told me that co-workers should never be my friend, just my competition. Wow. Absolutely no work/life balance and extreme sexism in business units. Amazing that AMD is not a start up and has been around for many years because systems are fractured, processes are few and we reinvent the wheel every few months."

VA MSPV OnSite Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not what was expected. Company needs help, superiors are not available, customers are second. Expectation is to lie to the customer in order to make AMD not look bad"

Sr recruiter (contract) says

"They use and abuse...offer no career building but yet demand 12+hr working days. Cons: Poor Leadership"

Senior Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The Toronto site typically doesn't pay much as the other established companies in the Semiconductor space, so that is a massive disadvantage. Furthermore, the quality of your work and life, in general, will be dependent on how your team is like. During my experience at AMD, my team was very detached and people didn't talk to each other. You would only be approached for questions or concerns related to work. A typical day would be just working for 12 hours (no overtime pay) on your computer desk and heading back home. Cons: Long hours"

IC designer (Former Employee) says

"The given work was not related to my qualifications"

Business Process Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I am surprise that company is still in existence. Terrible leadership from C-level to Sr management. The most awful global culture and work environment. As a consequence, and of course, AMD has a really bad product in the market; which is why Intel has more than 80% of the global market. Cons: All"

Sectional Manager (Former Employee) says

"In the four years I worked at AMD, the company never turned a significant profit. Hence we were never really paid a bonus. The expectation was that I would have to work at least 70 hour weeks quite frequently Cons: Excessive overtime"

Senior IT Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Had good technological breakthroughs but lost its battle to Goliath of the semiconductor industry. Leadership made this company lose its relevance Cons: Cyclical industry"

Senior Writer API (Former Employee) says

"AMD is a culture of paranoia and security, caught up in the hype of corporate security. After giving my particulars to an investigation firm in Fort Worth, Texas, for a background check, my gmail reported that someone had tried to access it from, wait for it, you guessed it, Fort Worth, Texas. As a contractor I was assigned a cubicle on my first day but no computer. After a week or so they cobbled together a workstation from an old computer and tiny monitor, which makes technical writing and diagrams very difficult. Another thing I noticed is that they retain some of the longest employee relationships in the software business. I met a number of engineers (non-management) who had been there 15 years or longer. That is highly unusual for an industry that thrives on cross-pollination of experience by both work and work culture, and the people who seem to stay have that same sort of disposition you find in career civil servants, burned out, no creativity, no passion, and a broken spirit, like house trained animals. This is the worst company I have ever worked for in 17 years experience in software and telecommunications. I would not wish it on anyone. Cons: cheap, secretive, paranoid, political, stagnant, stitled"

Desktop Administrator II (Current Employee) says

"This is the company you go to when you want to do a bunch of nothing and take home a paycheck for all your non-work. The list of things they don't have or do wrong is too long to type out. The company is not poised to take advantage of technology, markets or talent. Cons: management, benefits and culture"

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Lack of investment in foundational financial systems leading to manual and inconsistent financial reporting processes that are not repeatable or scalable with growth. No interest in original ideas from outside talent, which leads to micromanagement. That tone is set from the top."

Aide à domicile (Former Employee) says

"Je ne recommande pas, car le salarié compte pour du beurre."

MTS (Former Employee) says

"The engineers working here are good, smart, and productive. The first level managers are pretty decent. However, the upper management has recently started a very dishonest process of laying people off without a severance package by blatantly misusing the "Performance Improvement Plan" process. I know of three good engineers who were let go due to bogus PIPs. In all three cases, there was no prior indication or warning of poor performance - it came out of the blue, after a good performance review. The PIP goals were not realistic, and even when they were met, management came up with excuses to justify termination. The blatant dishonesty used here tarnishes what used to be a decent company. Cons: Dishonest management"

Director (Former Employee) says

"AMD is a good company who has fallen on hard times. With little momentum, it will be a difficult climb to get back to where they were in the past. Cons: Layoffs, culture, poor decision making at high levels, technology gaps"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"In the last three years, AMD went through four or five lay-offs (losing count). While your job duties and responsibilities are constantly increasing, you will never see a bonus or pay increase... and forget about job security. Most importantly, you need to make sure you can survive in the AMD's culture. Leadership is the term that not only is not understood but also actively replaced with brutal brick-and-mortar management. If you don't have any other job and this is your only job offer, then take it. Otherwise, for your own benefit, please stay away from this swamp at 7171 Southwest Parkway... Cons: job insecurity, horrible culture, and little opportunity for advancement"

Fraisuer (Current Employee) says

"L'employeur ne donne pas de travail en continu. Cons: Chomage technique"

Leader - GTM Planning and Operations (Current Employee) says

"Good people but poor leadership, strategy and execution. Inter-office politics and one-upmanship stunt business performance."

Secretary Specialist (Former Employee) says

"On my first day nobody said a (f ing) word, no body; nothing. This company exemplifies as one that is so big they don't give a rip about treating a new employee with dignity. Pathetic. YouTube "toxic workplace" AMD is everything on the list! Nice. Remember, YOU ARE WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH!"

Logistics team lead (Former Employee) says

"there is a reason the president of the company and his little lackey under him and hr all got fired along with the warehouse coordinator and the inventory supervisor"

Floor Technician (Former Employee) says

"Promised training was never provided, computer based classes were never set up. Recruiter promised perks that were never made available. Manger never provided support or instruction when needed. When I was injured on the job I was ignored for almost a month before I was contacted by the insurance company (not by AMD). Cons: Hostile work environment."

Auditor de control de calidad (Former Employee) says

"Personal a cargo es muy grosera con la gente de producción Cons: No valoran mucho el esfuerzo"

ThomasD says

"I got a Threadripper 1900X in Feb 2020 and after 3 months it failed in March, everyone told me including AMD CPU's NEVER fail,. anyway after testing on 3 different motherboards over 2 months found out it was the CPU so 3 months after starting the case with AMD and going back to the supplier and the supplier sent the CPU back the AMD that was 2 months ago, today I got a replacement CPU WITHOUT the Orange Cartage Support that is used to install the CPU in the motherboard correctly, how do i test the replacement CPU ? if it doesn't work will AMD blame me for not installing it correctly ? ( it's the safety device to make SURE you install the CPU correctly),. the supplier was even shocked at this ?! you can't get them on Ebay or anyway they are connect to the CPU for LIFE no one separates them, I sent my old CPU back with the Cartage support (it's a 50cent part) the reply so far is "that support ticket is closed" and 2nd email said "Talk to the supplier" (clearly didn't read my email) where is the supplier going to get one from ? My first AMD CPU since being a Intel guy for 20 years. Really not happy with AMD support in anyway. so far 9 months dealing with a AMD faulty CPU."

Doctor X says

"Shocking state of affairs.
It would be great if you manufactured more than a handful of GPU's before you embarked on your "paper" launch.
Ebuyer didn't follow their own process, overclockers don't remember their own promises, and you haven't created enough cards to warrant actually launching as a product. I have the ryzen 7 3700x and I really liked it, but today I am selling my PC and trying to put this whole experience behind me. You've killed my enthusiasm for gaming."

David Morgan says

"No Stock of 6800 card in uk crashed sites, paper launch, disgusting company. As bad if not worse than NVIDIA. Joke when people review hardware you cannot buy anywhere. Companies advertising items they have little to no stock of. Trading standards should be contacted."

Jack Daniels says

"I purchased a Computer through and with the package I got included a game download. The game wouldn't be released for a few months. Once the game was released I went to download the game and find that AMD has a clause you are supposed use the coupon ahead of time. Why would anyone attempt to download a game before it's released? Good question, probably so AMD doesn't have pay for it. Customer service is awful."

theKenji says

"I dropped 400$ on an RX 5600XT only to get black screens in the middle of my games. Never EVER EVER buying an AMD GPU ever again. Anyone reading this. AVOID AMD GPU's. Your better off spending around 20 more bucks on a Nvidia GPU that ACTUALLY WORKS. I'm seriously disappointed in AMD."

Nitin Rajput says

"terrible customer service
because when i call them i ask them a question about 100 cpu usage with 3700x cpu. they are saying it wont affect the pc and today i asked them if i play at 75fps on game will that causing 100cpu usage, the guy said ur asking the same question again which i never asked before. i think i should get intel i9 9900k processor so then i dont have to call amd anymore because intel has awesome customer service because they were giving me free 9700k processor then 7700. i think from now on i should buy intel core processors instead of amd. and the graphic card i should go to nvidia as always because nvidia gpu never gave me blue screens like other people experienced with amd 5700xt. i was going to purchase that 5700xt but thankfully i didnt need to cause my gtx 1080 graphic card is still working fine.
intel sent me heatsink for free 2 times and i am happy with intel because amd heatsink is very noisy and intel's heat sink are so much quiet. on my next purcahse i am definetly going to purchase new cpu from intel."

Travis Chard says

"Terrible customer care. I sent them an email regarding a factory faulty cpu radiator and the only response I got was “here’s a link to some installation videos to help.” When the images attached to the video clearly showed the faulty product

Before buying an amd processor, just search “faulty AMd cpu radiator pins” and see how many hits come up. Never had this issue with intel before."

Dio Brando says

"RARELY get back to you. if you have a problem and they respond, you may as well be Frane Selak."

Jeroen verhij says

"Bought a gpu from amd rx5700xt.
Keeps crashing multiple times a day.
Because of a software issue
The retailer does not have tech support.
Amd does not support customers and tells me to contact gigabyte.
Gigabyte doesnt answer my request.
So 2 weeks old gpu and no warranty.
Five hundred euro gone."

Rui Vaz says

"amd is the most incredibly bad piece of hardware that i ever had the misfortune of buying. do not buy this trash if you ever want to be a gamer."


"The auto detect tool downloaded drivers for a 580x graphics card, my graphics card is a 390x and it has blue screened my pc
I've run every test possible and my graphics card is damaged due to this, not through my own fault
The customer service email are being very difficult in helping me, I'm at a loss and without a PC
I'm very unhappy with the fact auto detect tool messed up this bad and that I can't get help as they frankly are being quite dismissive
In the current coronavirus crisis I need my PC to work from home and I'm completely frustrated with this whole situation"

Rob says

"Seemingly unable to release finished products, apparently use interns to write their driver software and refuse to acknowledge widespread issues with their products.

Never buying AMD again."

Typical says

"Worst GPU, I bought it in march 2019, crashes about 1-2 hours of game time, very annoying, dont recommend their gpus, I am not sure about their cpus since I have an intel. Support is terribe, they never answer anything.

I may change my mind if I can fix the constant crashing, but at the moment, I rate it bad."

Joshua Wimmer says

"Called AMD support to check the status of my Processor and get sent to the HQ in California. I tell them they never gave me a name to check in with because AMD goes off of First and Last name. They then tell me to contact the person I sent the part to which I just told them I never got and the email I got an email from noreply@amd which i told them and they still told me to use the persons email that got my part. They were extremely rude and not helpful at all. Then when I asked to be transferred to sales which they recommended they said okay and hung up on me. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with."

Dami says

"I bought an AMD graphics card and a week later it was not working anymore. AMD never offered me any service. I contacted them several times and I was only allowed silences or automatic answers."

TheChampIsHere says

"Was surprised that AMD had really bad support after my TR was busted right off the box. They tried to claim i damaged the product, when i bought it online and it was delivered to me. Sad, really."

Luke says

"Overpriced BUT one can't deny the product is good. Really good.

Is it worth the price tag? Well not imo, but your might difer."

Lawrence Silva says

"I really wish I built with you rather than you know who."

Richard says

"BUY their CPU's they are amazing.

Avoid their GPU's. They have driver and VBIOS issues. I bought an ~£800 Radeon VII GPU from AMD and they still have not released a working VBIOS. It has been years since the release date - It's an utter joke."

noy says

"And gpu is not that goood. It’s too hot and always power hungry."

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